Communities Actively Living Independent and Free

The CALIF Logo

CALIF's  original logo (©2001) clearly has representations of some major disability groups:

(a)   People with mobility impairments and adults with disabilities (the person sitting on the CA)

(b)   People with mental and emotional disabilities (the person sitting on the wheelchair is clearly holding a stress ball in his/her right hand, to alleviate his/her stress)

(c)   The lower case “I” represents children and also the little people of America.

(d)   The lower case “F” clearly represents a traditional cane, therefore, the blind community. 

The little hill is symbolic in two ways:

(a)   It represents the obstacles that make the disability struggle quite formidable.

(b)   It represents the ramp that enables persons with disabilities to access programs, services and mainstream society.

On top of the hill/ramp is the sun, symbolizing hope and the wonderful heritage of the Disability Rights Movement. 

The four rays of the sun symbolize the following:

(a)   The ray closest to the bottom of the hill/ramp represents the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, this being the main foundation of Disability Rights.

(b)   The ray next to it represents the California version of the ADA, which is, in many ways, much stronger than the ADA.

(c)   The next big ray of light (the second big ray from the  bottom) is Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act which animates the Independent Living Centers.

(d)   The last shorter ray of light (closest to the cane) represents the local ordinances and initiatives that serve or promise to serve the Disability Movement.

Finally, the three dots (the dot above the “I”, the dot that crosses the “F” and the sun dot represents the communitarian spirit that animates CALIF, the culturally diverse community that comes together and aware that we are a community of persons with disabilities, supporters, political allies, grassroots community organizations and benefactors all moving toward CALIF’s vision of empowerment.

(*The CALIF logo was designed by Lillibeth Navarro and Don Persina on March 12, 2001)

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