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 Success Stories

A Sweet Transition for Rene:
Rene has been a paraplegic for more than 20 years. He was hurt in a motorcycle accident as a  young man with a wife and two daughters. It was a family trauma difficult to recover from but in the tragedy, Rene discovered his spiritual path and his wife Nelle started a child day care business to stay close to home. For his part, Rene stayed home, resistant to  socializing but very supportive to his wife and their business of child day care.
Another tragedy loomed on the horizon when one of her daughters went through some personal challenges, forcing them to abandon their family business in pursuit of his daughter’s recovery. The family lost their home and extreme financial difficulties physically splintered them to live in different places. Rene had to live with Nelle’s niece, Nelle had to live with her client as she started working as a caregiver and the daughters went off to college. 
As their daughter recovered, Rene was ready to take a different direction. He came to CALIF for a Diversity event and decided to do volunteer work, as he had very good desktop publishing skills. We got him a part time job at CALIF, financed by another funding source and he has been assisting the staff with producing flyers, Power Point presentations, CD and DVD transfers, etc. Unfortunately, one day, he had to run to a nursing home for emergency housing (because of his special needs that the homeless shelters were not equipped to provide) to seek accommodation for unexpected changes in his living environment.
CALIF prepared to get him out of the institution through the Transition Program.  CALIF got the grant approved by the Department of Rehabilitation and Rene got his apartment in November 2008, just after Thanksgiving. Today, for the first time in many years, he’s back living with his wife of 35 years in their own accessible and affordable apartment.  (end)

 Frederick, Now Independent and Free:

He was from the East Coast, a man with cerebral palsy who longed to be on his own because he had an adventurous spirit. “My family wanted to shelter me too much, and as long as they benefited financially on account of me, they were OK.”, he said. “They did not support my idea of living on
my own and getting away,” he continued. “But I’m adventurous and I have longed to be on my own even if they would not let me free!” 

So Frederick came to California twice—the first time, he did not get any assistance and was instead, victimized by unscrupulous people but the second time, he found CALIF and through official transfer from Missouri.

In two months, our housing advocate, Reginald Robinson, got him a permanent apartment and his benefits have properly transferred. He’s happy with his progress and keeps telling people about what CALIF has done for him. (end)