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61 years old
Shasta Lake CA 96019
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I am totally disabled and on SSA disability with a very low fixed income.


It all started in 1987 when I was hit head on by a drunk driver in my company car. I worked for a major CA insurance company and was making a nice living until that day in 1987, the company forced me to settle for a measly 5000.00 or lose my job. Right after my accident my injuries were considered minor with a broken left foot and soft tissue injuries to my neck and back. With the other driver being uninsured and fleeing the country before we could file a lawsuit against him I settled for the 5000.00 and kept my job. However I went into a deep dark depression that I couldn't explain I became very angry at everyone. That's when I lost my family my house my car my mind!! I went from making a 6 figure income to making zero. I lived out of my old Chevy Blazer at a truck stop for awhile then I found a job selling cars which I did pretty good out until one day in 1995 I got out of bed and broke my left Hip I was 35 years old. Went to emergency room and within 2 weeks I had 2 artificial Hips that I've had to have 7 surgeries on because they keep dislocating. Now no Doctor will attempt to fix my hips the next step is no hips at all. The Doctors said that my hips had lost blood supply due to the impact of the accident and that it took 8 years for my hips to die from blood loss.

Now I am on major pain medication and antidepressants I have Doctor appointments at least twice a month and no car to get there. or to get my meds from the pharmacy right now I have to borrow my neighbors van. The last car I had was vandalized on the side of the road so bad that I had to junk it. Now I have nothing Also I have 2 grandchildren I've never meet because of no car. My medical bills destroyed my credit so I cant even get a loan. All my monthly paycheck goes to pay for living cant save anything for down payment I have figured out I could probably afford a 150.00 a month car payment but that would be pressing it. I just need a reliable car to get to my appointments and that I would feel safe in Driving 200 miles one way to see my grandkids before its to late. My health is going fast I have diabetes take insulin but its still out of control my hips are so bad I can hardly walk so I'm just waiting for the doctors to say time for a wheel chair. So If anyone out there can help in anyway I would greatly appreciate it

GOD Bless


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